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By Gill Garrett

ISBN 9781916333918


After writing on health care for many years, Gill Garrett found a second home in poetry and non-fiction. Her work has been published in a wide variety of journals and anthologies, and she is the author of Digging Up the Family: A Lesson in Social History (Matador, 2017). Recently returning to her roots, she now lives in the Wye Valley where she writes, walks and wonders why she ever left.


‘A beautiful collection from a poet unafraid to navigate her way through the calm and the turbulent waters of history, family, loss and reclamation, curses and blessings. Gill has an ear for the tenderness of language and her poems touch the reader with poignancy and warmth.’
(Sara-Jane Arbury)


‘Many of these poems are built on territory recognisable to the reader. It is their touches of the shared familiar that make friends of them as we meet them on our way through the book, triggering every so often a sudden recognition, a whispered “yes”.’
(Ann Drysdale)


‘These poems claim a space between past, present and future, always with an awareness of how the past acts on the present. The language is detailed and precise and I particularly enjoyed the light handling of metaphor.’
(Angela France)


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