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By Kim Taplin

ISBN 9781912078073


In Warp & Weft, the poet muses on our emotional yearnings and humorous inconsistencies. He writes poems about love, longing, nostalgia and regret. Some wrestle with our tragic experiences of loss and grief; others explore the interconnected rhythms of the natural world or the mysterious paradoxes of spirituality and faith.

Kim Taplin employs a refreshing variety of moods, styles and forms in his writing. Some of his poems are serious-minded and reflective; others are ironic or light-hearted; several are satirical, even polemical. Much of his poetry is written in narrative free verse, but there are also examples of more traditional poetic forms – blank verse, sonnet, villanelle, terza rima, roundel, minute, haiku, tanka and awdl gywydd. Shape and allegorical prose poems are also included.

In Warp & Weft, the poet encourages his readers to still their busy looms for a moment and to reflect on the patterns emerging from innumerable, disparate, multi-coloured threads. He considers what it might mean to weave well.

Warp & Weft

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