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The Light Doctor

By Martin Moore-Ede

ISBN 9798990686939


 Available from 2 July 2024 


Healthy lighting pioneer Dr Martin Moore-Ede reveals that today’s LED and fluorescent lights are designed for energy efficiency and not for human health. Their blue-rich light at night underlies the current epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Here is the practical information you need to find healthy lights that counteract these risks at home, in business and medical offices, and public spaces, hospitals, and care facilities.


‘This book terrified me, in the best way. Dr. Moore-Ede is doing cutting-edge work to change the way we think about light and how it affects us.’
—Penguin Life


‘I was so impressed with his detailed yet thoroughly comprehensible explanations and expert advice! I’ll definitely be changing some of my lightbulbs ASAP!’
—Simon Element


‘The Light Doctor provides actionable information for readers to improve their
own light “nutrition” and advocate for healthier light all around them.’
—Carrie Meadows, Editor-in-Chief, LEDs Magazine


‘I had no idea that artificial lights posed so many health risks, beyond the disruption of sleep. And Dr. Moore-Ede is clearly the leading authority on this topic.’


‘As someone who sits under fluorescent office lights all week, it made
me question my life choices! The author does a terrific job.’
—Tarcher Perigree


Martin Moore-Ede MD PhD is a leading world expert on circadian clocks, light, and health. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, he led the team that located the human circadian clock and showed it was synchronized by light. He founded the CIRCADIAN® Light Research Center which identified the key blue wavelengths that control the circadian clock, and patented and developed the first evidence-based healthy circadian lights. He has appeared on the Today Show, Oprah, CNN, BBC and NPR.

The Light Doctor

Release date 2 July 2024
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