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This is a story of a family that is first encountered amongst the kings of Wales but in the space of some thirty generations was reduced to relative poverty. It’s a journey from riches to – almost – rags, but followed by a measure of recovery. Yet it is a story with many adventures on the way. Famous historical characters are encountered and familiar historical events are seen afresh through the eyes of those present at the time. It’s the story of a rich and titled family, the Baynham family, who though basically a Gloucestershire family had contacts and interests in many parts of Britain, France, America, Ireland and, through their shipping interests, in many other parts of the world. It’s a story of duels, martyrdom, religious conviction, shipping, and the embracing of new technology. These are the ingredients in this account of the life of a Forest of Dean family during many more than thirty generations!

The Life and Times of a Forest Family

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