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Moley Joe is a survivor from the days when he was a star puppet in Glenda’s ‘Playtime Puppet Theatre’.

After running the theatre for several years she began writing Moley Joe adventure stories and before long she was back in schools and libraries running workshops and telling these stories to children everywhere.

After Glenda moved to Malvern she met her new neighbour Wendy who enjoyed drawing animals and other subjects for children. Together they decided that Wendy would produce the illustrations for the book of Moley Joe’s Adventures that Glenda was writing. 

The free CD included with this book introduces Moley Joe with Glenda reading the stories featured in the book. 

Glenda’s stories and verses about cats, dogs, other animals and her puppets have been published in children’s magazines, craft books and in her own book ‘Doggy Tails’ and she hopes that everyone enjoys ‘The Adventures of Moley Joe.’

The Adventures of Moley Joe

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