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Tea & Irish by Geg


Happily married and on holiday in Cornwall, this middle-aged couple were looking forward to their week away together. Married for only two years, having met one another later in life, love was abounding in this young relationship. Hand in hand and laughing together, they walked uphill in the wind and rain. But something happened, beyond their control, and their dreams were shattered in the instant.

A person was killed, in the most horrible manner, and fingers began to point. Was it an accident, was it contrived? Accusations were hurled back and forth, and a high-profile court case ensued.

A woman comes out of the woodwork, of an age yet still young. She offers answers and cast doubts, but where doubts should not be.

The questions build and build, and answers begin to dribble through. The truth seems too untrue to be true, but is it?

How do you cope with facts, that two days ago were impossibilities?


'Tea & Irish . . . is dramatic and entertaining. Aaron and Alki are sympathetic characters. Alki is an amusing character . . . fit and flirtatious for a woman in her seventies. She’s able to fly a microlight, ride a motorbike and hot-wire a car!' (Blue Ink Review)


'Tea & Irish is a roller coaster ride from start to finish . . . with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.

'Alki is courageous, fearless, has an agile mind and is sensitive to boot. She is unique. The author, through her, has highlighted that age is not a barrier to adventure, excitement and making things ‘back to the good’.' (Amazon review)


'I don’t know where this Geg fella, or feline, gets his ideas, but he twist and turns like a python on heat. Thought I knew where it was going loads of times, but then it turned again and again and again! I couldn’t put it down till I found out just what was what.

'Hell! All I can say is, you’ve got a hell of a journey on your hands. But, trust me, it is so worth it!'
(Amazon review)

Tea & Irish

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