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Bob sets himself a challenge. He wants to become a tanguero, a tango dancer good enough to charm the ladies in Buenos Aires.
He discovers that tango is the most passionate, sensual and romantic of dances.

It takes him to far flung parts of Britain, teaches him surprising facts about people and history and leads him into some amusing and embarrassing situations.

Will Bob find a true ‘connection’ with any of his dance partners? He is in awe of Katrina who is so elegant, but a little haughty; he is fascinated by Nancy, divorced from an Argentinian polo player; and he feels safe with Emma, his original tango partner.
Bob learns to be brave in the competitive world of tango. His journey leads him into a new life; but will it lead to love?

This is the first book by Cheryl, although she hopes there will be many more.

Cheryl was born not far from Hereford and her parents did much of their courting at the Green Dragon. She is a keen walker, gardener and general outdoor enthusiast. She divides her time between Herefordshire, near where she was born, and the coastal paths of Cornwall.

Tango with Love

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