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Tales of Pog's Log by Valerie Rosendorff

ISBN: 9781912078189


In an old hollow log in a wood live three creatures:  a Brown-Bearded Pog, a Red-Eared Pipit, and a Siamese cat called Ching.

Pardon? You say you’ve never heard of a pog or a pipit? Well, they are thought to be extinct. But we know better than that now, don’t we?

You might be wondering how a pog, a pipit and a cat came to be living together in a hollow log in a wood. Well, the three friends have been through many adventures together and have quite a tale to tell. Which is lucky because after an adventure they like nothing better than to tell each other stories. So why not come and join them, take a seat on that comfy cushion of leaves by the fire, and read the Tales of Pog’s Log.

Tales of Pog's Log

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