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Staying Aligned

By Karen Harris

ISBN 9781915803108


If you have a desk job or deliver mail; if you can run marathons or struggle to get up stairs; if you are at university or in your retirement, this book is for you!


With valuable hints and tips, alignment routines that target everyday concerns, inspirational client stories, and topics such as:


How to self evaluate

What truly causes pain


Foot issues that aren’t foot issues
Neck pain and walking and

Spaghetti junction!


There is something here for everyone!

Body Alignment Specialist and Fitness Trainer Karen Harris brings over thirty years of knowledge and experience into an enjoyable, easy-to-read, common sense guide to how the body works, treating the causes of pain not the symptoms, the importance of posture, being proactive rather than reactive, and not forgetting ‘the important stuff on the inside’.


This is a book you won’t want to leave on the shelf!

Staying Aligned

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