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Penny for My Thoughts

By Willow Taylor-Jones

ISBN 9781915803078


All throughout this book, the 'you's have been capitalised. This is because this book is made for you – well you as a collective of those who are reading (who now share something in common with strangers, you’re welcome). I did this because I wanted you to feel both involved and unique, part of the group but special; because You are special. These pages and that word is my blood, sweat and ink directed into pure gratification for your existence; and hopefully some enjoyment from my work. I am also hopeful that my poems are grains of sand that I have compiled and built into a sandcastle for your eyes to admire. Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that this book is really dedicated to you all. Or to put into better words… all of You.

Penny for My Thoughts

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