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Paintings 2012–2022

By Andrew Coates

ISBN 978-1-912078-30-1


These paintings were done between 2012 and 2022. I retired early (from medical practice) and we moved back to Malvern from the Forest of Dean in 2011. I went to some painting classes at the South Worcestershire College (the former Malvern School of Art), which was then followed by many happy hours making it up as I went along, in the attic or the cellar, and usually accompanied by Radio 3.


My main hobby is music, playing violin and viola in two orchestras, and chamber music, and there is a musical theme in some of my work.


About three years ago I heard an interesting radio programme with a neurologist who had coined the term “aphantasia” for individuals he had recognised who, when recollecting or thinking about something, did not literally see that thing in their imagination. I was surprised to learn that apparently most people actually see/visualise things to some extent in their “mind's eye”. It seems that those of us with aphantasia (possibly 3 per cent of the population) will only visualise things that are not there when we dream. More neurodiversity! And interesting that some of us paint.

Paintings 2012–2022

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