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Get a group of motorcyclists together and toss a few famous names from the past into the chat and it won’t be long before the name Wal Handley gets mentioned. For one thing, motorcyclists know that he has a part of the Isle of Man TT course named after him – Handley’s Corner.

No-one is in any doubt that he was someone special. His record of winning four TT races and scoring nine record laps on the Isle of Man between 1922 and 1934 scarcely tells the full story, for it was the races Walter didn’t win that held the fullest drama. He was the man who would respond to difficulties by fighting back. That was when the crowds would rise to the true genius of the ‘dynamic little man from Birmingham.’ He was greatly loved by the public, not just for his stylish skill as a rider, but also for his quiet and modest personality.

His versatility demonstrated his quality, being equally outstanding as an airman and as a racing driver. His loss as an airman commanding an ATA Ferry Pool during the Second World War was keenly felt by all who knew him.

'Wal Handley was among the bravest of the brave. This book is well researched, packed with anecdotes and tales of a fascinating life.' John Watterson, Sports Editor, Isle of Man Newspapers

'A long overdue book. Wal Handley was a supreme talent and right at the heart of the 1920s and early ’30s motorcycle scene, the industry’s halcyon years'. James Robinson, Editor, The Classic MotorCycle

'A really spectacular insight into not only racing of the ’20s but of a truly great rider.' Vintage Motorcycle Club

None More Brave (second edition)

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