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Medieval Bridges

By Mike Salter

Folly Publications

ISBN 9780993187919

100 pages, 200 illustrations (colour photographs plus a few plans)


Of many stone bridges built in England, Wales and Scotland between the twelfth century and the mid-sixteenth century about five hundred still survive in some form and are mentioned in this book. Included amongst them are some of the many clapper bridges of the moors of the West Country which by their nature are difficult to date and could be either pre-medieval or post-medieval. Also included are early examples of the many narrow packhorse bridges that continued to be built until the end of the eighteenth century. The road bridges range from single arches over small streams to multi-arched structures across major rivers and some spectacular northern bridges with ribbed arches spanning twelve metres or more. Building bridges was seen as an act of piety in the Middle Ages and some of the bridges still have chapels or mounts for crosses perched upon them.

Medieval Bridges

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