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Malvern in a Day

Jan Condon

ISBN 978-1-912078-26-4


On 30 July 1971 Michael Dowty took 202 photographs in the Malvern area. Focusing mostly on Great Malvern, Jan Condon’s book takes a selection of these photographs and adds the memories of local people, some history and background to show aspects of the social history of the town around the early 1970s, often contrasting it with life today. Once we had Green Shield Stamps, could drive through the Priory Gateway, and even get hotpants dry-cleaned!

This book provides a follow-up to the successful exhibition in Church Walk in 2022 celebrating the fifty-first anniversary of the photographs.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to help the future conservation of historic materials and support further research projects into Malvern’s past.  

Malvern in a Day

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