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This is a racy story about James and Marnie winning millions on the Big Lottery. It’s about what they do with their winnings, and what it does to them. It’s about giving a million pounds to charity; about romance, seduction, greed and treachery.
Both humorous and serious, there’s also Eric the eco-warrior stirring things up, not only for himself, but for the lottery winners and the pharmaceutical giant he hates.

Also featured is a psychic detective helping to trace a crook, and the quest of James to discover whether this man can also provide empirical proof of the Afterlife. In his dreams James communicates with the saintly Mother Cecilia who died years before, a person he never much liked alive or dead; but who now has a message only James will appreciate.

This is a novel of ideas; it is about the nature of reality, finding fulfilment, and why we are here. Shakespeare described death as ‘The undiscover’d country, from whose bourn no traveller returns’. Could Shakespeare be wrong?

Lucky James

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