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ISBN: 9781912078752


Laura Knight (1877-1970) was one of Britain’s foremost and most successful twentieth century women painters. She achieved great fame internationally exhibiting in galleries all over the world. From humble beginnings she was the first woman to be elected a Royal Academician. Painting from the age of thirteen until well into her late eighties, her representational style is recognisable. Throughout her long life she excelled at every media using watercolours, oils, drawing, etching and aquatint. She applied her artwork to everyday objects such as fabric, ceramics, glass, costume design, posters and prints, so becoming a household name. Her subjects were wide ranging and reflected her dynamic interest in people and everything they did: landscape, seascape, children, gypsies, ballet, theatre, circus, farming activities, craftsmen and war workers, particularly women.

Laura Knight in the Malverns

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