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Jasmine Somers is determined to put things right. Inspired by an unexpected confession from a former university friend, Jasmine resolves to look back over her thirty-seven years and make amends for her own misdeeds, from dodging the television licence to using her dad’s toothbrush on Fluffy the cat. But when Jasmine prepares to tackle the issue that has haunted her throughout her marriage and beyond, she realises that some parts of the past might be best left undisturbed… A humorous and poignant novel following one woman’s journey towards self-acceptance as she slowly begins to grasp the true nature of forgiveness and the real purpose of making amends.

‘A jolly good read. A delight!’ Maggie Doyle, Worcestershire Poet Laureate Emeritus.

‘Beautiful and funny, touching and brutally honest.’ Lisa Bames.

Jasmin Somers Makes Amends

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