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Experience a journey from India to Avalon with Cathy by your side as your intrepid and colourful travelling companion. Join in her quest for love, truth and happiness which takes the idealistic flower child of the sixties to a magical Spanish island to meet her dream love and then journey overland to India and on to Japan. Share the highs of spiritual experience through teachers, yoga and meditation and the lows of harrowing heartbreak, illness and miscarriage.

The search brings us back to England to spend years overcoming chronic illness which leads to a path of healing through complementary medicine, self-enquiry and the odd faith healer and psychic surgeon. It is the sacred town of Glastonbury that eventually provides a nourishing community and life partner.
But that is not the end of the story. The third journey takes us on an adventure to southern Spain where there is a shell of a farmhouse to renovate, and an alternative community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada where we get closer to nature. Will Cathy, now in her sixties, finally be able to see the meaning of her life and find that deep sense of peace she has always been seeking?

India to Avalon

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