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I Left My Hat in Moscow: Seeking God and Finding Him

Richard H. Williams PhD

ISBN 9781912078349


This book attempts to answer the most fundamental questions that human beings have wrestled with throughout the ages. Does God exist? If so, then can he personally be known? How can we begin this relationship?

Written as a Christian apologetic it explores in detail four kinds of evidence for the existence of God: the author’s own story of God’s intervention and guidance, Christian revival, fulfilled prophecies of the Old Testament relating to the coming of Jesus Christ, and science in relation to Christianity.
Richard Williams was brought up in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, not far from St Davids. He obtained his PhD in crop physiology from the University of Wales and spent his working life as a plant scientist.

He has worked on behalf of overseas Christian mission since 1987 in his church, in Romania, Moldova, and currently the former Soviet Union with the Institute for Bible Translation (IBT).

I Left My Hat in Moscow: Seeking God and Finding Him

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