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Fairybridge and Look through Any Window bundle


Fairybridge is a tale of corruption, desecration, the hoarding of paperclips. In his new satirical novel, Fairybridge, Martin Booth lifts the dustsheet from Glostover District Council, who are using a windfall to build a civic centre on the site of the ruined Fairybridge Court before the government catches up with them. 

Look through Any Window is a collection of twenty-one short stories by Martin Booth on a wide range of themes. One story, 'The Egg Round' was a prize-winner at the Hay-on-Wye International Festival of Literature in 2011.


‘Martin Booth has a magical way with words… enchanting and engaging. You are immediately pulled into his world and never want to leave.’ (Tony Grounds, author and television scriptwriter: Our Girl, Chancer, A Class Apart and many more)

Fairybridge and Look through any Window

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