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The idea behind this book is to give you a flavour of The Elms School year and some of the events and occasions that are celebrated and enjoyed during the academic year.
Rural Studies is a popular subject. Many Elms’ children when asked, “What is your favourite lesson?” will reply, “Rural Studies”, with little hesitation. Active participation is encouraged and in May, as green shoots begin to sprout, a distinct element of competition becomes detectable.
Food is an important part of the day for a growing child. Being aware of the basics of food production is an essential part of helping to understand how produce arrives on the plate. We hope that Elms’ pupils will enjoy turning basic produce into ‘something special’ and at the same time understand and appreciate the hard work that ‘The Kitchen Team’ put into providing their meals.
As well as the enjoyment of food consumed, mealtimes are a perfect opportunity for children to relax, converse and share their lives.
“Rabbits’ friends and relations” have put this book together, choosing recipes from some of the popular meals that are produced in The Elms’ kitchen.
We hope that you will enjoy reproducing some of these recipes, with the help of your extremely able and enthusiastic children.

Edible Elms

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