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Dolly Mixture

By Michela Volante

ISBN 9781909219854


Following the tradition that we are what we read, this medley of poems pays more than passing homage to Hardy, Rosetti. Betjeman, Larken, Dylan, Cohen and Volante! In the process, it explores a variety of patterns and measures, metres, rhythms and lines; we hope you enjoy it.


Michela holds a BSc (Econ) from Cardiff University, where she gained teaching qualifications – lecturing in English, sociology and psychology at colleges of further education in England and Wales.


She further taught English abroad (TESOL) in a private college in southern Italy. She now lives in Malvern with her cat Hamish.


(Michela has also published a collection of short stories entitled Michela’s Musings.)

Dolly Mixture

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