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Cathy Whitefield was one of the original sixties hippies who travelled to India seeking another way of being. She returned to the UK suffering from a life-threatening illness which affected her deeply and set her on a path of self-exploration.

She met her husband, Patrick, in Glastonbury where she spent thirty years counselling, teaching and writing. While wintering in Spain in 2014, Cathy was shocked to receive the news that he was desperately ill. She immediately returned to the UK where she began the profound journey of caring for him in their Glastonbury home, where they confronted his death together and made a pact that if there is an afterlife, Patrick would communicate from beyond the grave. Cathy ultimately returned to Spain to recreate a new life in the wild Andalucian hills.

Amidst this poignant journey of love and loss, Cathy dips into memories of the alternative life they lived together and shares how she is learning to reconcile the depths of grief with the joy of life.

Dancing with Life and Death

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