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This book is a celebration of beauty and transience. From the exquisite moment where our true nature touches and is touched, instinctively the spirit creates. Where heartfelt emotion tumbles forth with raw and naïve passion, we are at one, in life, in love; infinite.

‘Oh, but we never stop . . . we are the divine light, as it shines through us in all our uniqueness; we are it’s spectrum; it’s vessels of matter, no matter how busy, or not, we seem to be, or what form this takes, we shine. The divine universe loves us deeply. Shine on.’

‘Take your time, child,’ the universe said, ‘Do whatever it takes to see yourself through my eyes, for I am in love with every moment I see through your eyes. You are enough, dear child,’ the universe said, ‘just as you are. Your dance is perfect in its imperfection. And when you stumble, this is the most graceful of all dances.’

Dancing in the Land of Dreams

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