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Crossing the Line by Michael Sheath

ISBN 9781912078424


Crossing the Line is a series of connected monologues about the sexual abuse of children and the ripple effect of secondary trauma. They can be read, or performed, as a means of raising awareness about these subjects.

The Downloader searches the Internet for child sexual abuse material. The Wife has to deal with the consequences of his arrest. The Detective is a kind and competent man overwhelmed by what he has to deal with. The Daughter is traumatised by her father being revealed as a sex offender. The Mother realises her child’s abuse has been filmed for the entertainment of others.

 Each monologue is accompanied by explanatory notes which offer insights into the characters and the context of their experience. 

The author has worked in the field of sexual abuse for thirty-five years. He is involved in the training of police officers and others about the motives and mindset of online offenders, and how families might be supported when sexual abuse is revealed.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to support the work of Children Heard and Seen, a UK charity which supports children with a parent in prison. 

Crossing the Line

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