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Community in the Brecon Beacons and Beyond

By Alan Lovell

ISBN 9781912078318


Across the Brecon Beacons communities are responding to challenges and issues, some specific to their community, whilst others are of a broader, societal nature. What each of the initiatives reflect are people who make a difference, who act to improve the lives of others, making life just that little bit more pleasurable for all. From the very small scale and very localised to initiatives which have the potential to make an impact at a national if not international level, all the initiatives reflect the power of cooperation and collaboration. The book then broadens to consider community initiatives from across the UK which have been adopted, not just in other parts of the UK, but by communities across the world. The book concludes with reflections upon the increasing challenges facing communities resulting from climate change and ever-widening disparities in income and wealth levels. Can community bonds hold and if so, what needs to change? 

Community in the Brecon Beacons and Beyond

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