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Choosing the Thriving Life Paradigm

By Emma Mary Gathergood

ISBN 9781909219939


This is the story of one woman’s attempt to “be the change she wanted to see in the world”. This is both an exciting adventure story plus a deeply philosophical work, examining two very different ways of seeing the world.


The first is the existing Power-over Paradigm which promotes a lifestyle that has resulted in rape and pillage, often living with total disregard for what we are leaving for future generations, or indeed for anyone other than ourselves. What other paradigm or species has ever developed a way of life that destroyed its own habitat, at the same time as abusing and wreaking havoc on all other species and life forms?


However, living by the Thriving Life Paradigm means living in such a way that all life can thrive, not only human beings, the animals, the birds, the fish and the insects, but also the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the minerals in the earth and the mountains. When we listen to the indigenous cultures of the world who, unlike us, have lived sustainably for over ten thousand years, we experience a Paradigm Shift as we discover Mother Earth really is alive and sacred.

Choosing the Thriving Life Paradigm

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