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Edward Williams’ life has placed him at the fulcrum of different and opposing forces: with his education as a scientist on the one hand and his Christian belief in God on the other. In addition, he was brought up in the West, but his missionary work meant that he lived a large part of his life in the East.

This book gives a first hand account of Edward’s experiences during the closing years of the ‘missionary era’ in India. It is not a work of history, merely a chronicle of Edward’s life and the people and the places he saw. It is, therefore, an important personal record of a critical time in India’s history.

The book also covers Edward’s life in Britain, including reflections on his ministry and his involvement in interfaith relations, which he hopes will be of interest to everyone, as well as to ministers.

This is a memoir of life in India and Birmingham, including the author’s reflections upon the events in his life which shaped his thinking and beliefs.

Building Bridges, Crossing Cultures

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