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Beyond the Dark Depths by Hannah Nash

ISBN 978-1-912078-14-1


This open and honest memoir of one woman's experience of depression shows its destructive power to cause distortion in perception and disintegration of personality:


"I had no words to express the powerless feelings of disintegration and desolation and had to think metaphorically to verbalise them. . . . I saw myself slumped like a wreck on the hard rocky seabed, deep under the ocean, stranded and smashed, silent in the dark waters. . . . I had no option but to lie there, slumped still and hopeless on the desolate seabed, my broken self submerged in the water, engulfed by its deep dark depths."


Charting and examining her struggles over several years on the perilous road to recovery, the memoir finally celebrates the finding of hope and joy in life again. 

Beyond the Dark Depths

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