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 A “Whole Person – Whole World” Workbook and CD exploring HOW to become Whole, through embracing and understanding our mind, body, feelings and spirit.

This book has been written, and the Meditation CD composed, in order to facilitate the cosmic task that we all face of BECOMING WHOLE. It has been written in association with the Wrekin Trust. It is based on Emma’s Holistic Life Coaching work and it also forms the basis of a nine week training course that the Trust is running in 2015 at different venues, mainly in the three counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. However it also stands alone, as an informative and helpful self-help book to support all those endeavouring to become more wholistically aware. It is only through becoming a Whole Person that we are able to powerfully contribute towards creating a Whole World. 

Becoming Whole

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