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ISBN: 9781909219663

Upon retiring, successful businessman Trevor Jolly decided to pursue his first love, that of writing poetry. This book is an anthology of one hundred brand new poems gathered together affording a fascinating insight into his observations throughout his seventy-five years. The poems amuse, sadden, are profound and make you laugh out loud – and all through the medium of poetic rhyming verse. Furthermore, the author also explains the origins and motivations behind each poem, story and anecdote.


The author is intolerant of ‘prose and blank verse’ describing them as ‘nothing more than a collection of nice words’ and insisting that the discipline and compromise in rhyming verse elevate the true poem to a special place. Advising that in all the significant passages of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare chose to heighten their importance by using rhyming couplets.


‘So celebrate the poetry . . . and burn non-rhyming verse,

Let us make all prose the coffin and make all blank verse the hearse,

And let’s exalt the poets . . . not the fake imposter kind,

But those giants and their works, where every single last word rhymed.’

At Last I See the Light

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