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At the age of eighty-five my many years of active pulpit ministry have drawn, it would seem, to their own conclusion. However, I rarely, if ever, throw sermons away so I thought it might be good to share gleanings from some of them with any who might care to be my armchair companions on what I trust will be a fruitful, but somewhat winding, journey through the Old Testament scriptures. These chapters are not in any kind of chronological sequence.

After studying for the Anglican Ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, in the early sixties, David Price has served the Lord in the dioceses of Lichfield, Oxford, Jerusalem (with CMJ, the Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People), London, Winchester, Worcester and Hereford. Since 2007 David and his wife Barbara have lived in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Aleph to Tav

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