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A Unique Undertaking by Women for Women by David Williamson


ISBN 9781909219755.


The story of this unique housing development in Malvern, by women for women, along Garden City lines, needed to be told. David Williamson has detailed the origins and the ups and downs of the first hundred years of Pickersleigh Close and Barnards Close, now under Barnleigh Housing Association. These are interspersed with illustrations, references to contemporary events and the views of residents. This is a “must” for all those interested in Malvern’s history.

(Dr John Harcup OBE, local historian and President of Malvern Civic Society)


This fascinating story traces the hundred-year development of a remarkable social housing initiative set up in 1920, and conveys the passion, courage and conviction of the women founders on every page. It cleverly makes what had the potential to be somewhat tedious committee minutes into a fast-paced and highly informative narrative. The content moves seamlessly from explanations of national political and social upheavals to the detailed local developments that occupied the talents and dedication of the Workers Ltd members. Highly recommended!

(Faith Renger, local historian)


About the author


David Williamson was born in 1937 in Co. Cavan, in what was then the Irish Free State. He was educated at Cavan Royal School, and because there was no funding for him to take up his place at Trinity College Dublin, he went into the RAF as an engineer. He was posted for two years to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). After leaving the RAF, he soon went to work for the Ministry of Defence, and in 1973 achieved the status of Chartered Engineer MIEE. In 1974 he came to work at RRE Malvern, first in the Engineering Department, then in Thermal Imaging, and finally in Satellite Communications, based at Defford. He has been a member of the management committee of BHA since 2001, and is also secretary of the Malvern Radar and Technology History Society. He is married to Heather, and has a son, Mark, and daughter, Clare, and four grandchildren.

A Unique Undertaking by Women for Women

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