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by Penelope Bourdillon

ISBN 9781909219847


A book of religious discussion.


'Throughout my ordained ministry, I have longed to get people to engage with scripture more openly and faithfully and, above all, sensibly. Scripture requires interpretation, not wholesale, literal acceptance; it both demands and repays reflection, and it is a source upon which to draw at different times, in various circumstances. Properly and faithfully handled, inquiringly understood, and lovingly absorbed, it will afford great nourishment and deep comfort. I commend this book as a welcome effort designed to encourage engagement, discovery and comfort.'

(The Most Reverend John Davies, sometime Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Swansea and  Brecon)


'The Bible is many things: a hymn book; a library; history books; a collection of wise sayings, etc. Most importantly it reveals the secrets of life; who we are, what is our purpose, how we should live, what is our destiny? It is centred in Jesus who reveals what God is really like. A gentle father, overflowing with tender love and mercy towards us. A God who sings, laughs, grieves, shouts for joy, longs for your company, and - He has a sense of humour. All this is found in the Bible that this book describes. Be warned; it contains jokes. Read it and laugh, smile, wonder, and then give thanks for the help you find.'

(Revd Roy Godwin, author of the best-selling Christian book, The Grace Outpouring)


'We have rather an unbalanced approach to health and wellbeing. We strive for an ideal few of us will ever experience, and admonish ourselves when we fall short. In doing so, we risk neglecting the abundance of life that is present to us, within and without, in each moment. With rare humility and with the kind of insight that comes only from decades of devotion, Penelope has blessed us with this collection of scripture, poetry, and wisdom, which she has woven together with her own reflections, at once joyful, honest, and funny. Amongst the countless words that come your way this month, I hope you will actively seek out this particular gem, and through it, encounter the beauty and contentment that is the gift of Being.'

(Dr. William Beharrell, The Fathom Trust)

A Bun Dance

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