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Treasure in the Morning: Julia's Journal

By Mary Jarratt

ISBN 9781909219953


Julia first appeared in Fires in the Night when she helped Justin and Titus to foil a plot to betray the city (based on Colchester) to Saxon invaders. She and her parents live on a farm in the chalky hills west of the city.


In this story, she writes a journal in which she tells how she had an unexpected meeting with a Roman girl, Flavia, who escaped from a Saxon war band which burned her family home and killed her father and older brother. 


The girls become friends and eventually find and rescue Flavia’s brother from a slave camp and find her mother and baby sister in Colchester.


As Julia writes, she examines her attitudes towards slavery and Saxons and begins to realise her feelings for Justin. She, Justin and Titus discover treasure and have adventures together before Justin faces the prospect of leaving Britain as his centurion father is recalled to Rome.

Treasure in the Morning

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