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Set in New Zealand, this personal quest and documentary takes us into the heart of the land and the people, with adventures both mundane and esoteric.


“I had certainly not intended to get into a relationship, become so involved in therapy or end up tracing amazingly ancient roots in that land!”


Travelling by camper van to some wonderful places on tourist itineraries, as well as discovering a number of remarkable phenomena not on them, Tim Willcocks opens a window on the distant past of ‘Aotearoa’ and challenges an apparent amnesia about the rich, ancient history of the nation.


Approach this book with an open mind to appreciate fully the depth of a number of the incidents related which verge on the paranormal.


Tim’s inevitable conclusion is that it is very possible that the last 5,000 years of New Zealand’s history may have to be turned on its head!

On the Trail of the Waitaha

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