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Born in 1927, David Price comes from an engineering background in the West Midlands. After training at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and ordination in 1963, he has served Christ in the Anglican Ministry in the dioceses of Lichfield, Oxford, Jerusalem (with CMJ, the Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People), London, Winchester, Worcester and Hereford.


David moved to Ledbury with his wife, Barbara, in 2007 and this paperback completes a cycle of six, the first of which was published eight years ago. The other titles are 'One Out of Ten', an autobiography, and its sequel, 'The Fragments That Remain'; 'One Man’s Return to Zion', which follows David’s return trip to Israel and the West Bank; plus two slim volumes entitled 'Aleph to Tav' and 'Come and Dine'.

My Swan Song

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