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Emma Mary trained as an occupational therapist forty years ago. Having qualified she decided to specialise in mental health, and her working life began at York Clinic, Guys Hospital, London. Here she ran encounter groups as well as using art and crafts as a medium to promote discussion on painful issues.

She went on to study newer approaches to mental health including Gestalt therapy and psychosynthesis. Here she learnt the importance of working in a holistic way, including spiritual awareness alongside psychological growth. Emma Mary had already been practising yoga and meditation for some years. She had a few years out to raise her family, during which time her interests widened to include studying ancient wisdom, philosophy, healing and personal development. She traveled widely, spending time in India, New Zealand and America.

Emma Mary set up and ran a stress management business, and later studied life coaching. On returning to work in a psychiatric clinic, she continued her training by qualifying as a NLP practitioner, and studying solution focused therapy and also mindfulness. She has been delighted to introduce all of these therapies to her clients with very rewarding results.

Holistic Therapy

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